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KINODANZ company was founded in 2012. We produce high-quality feature films specializing in such genres as action, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi. All projects are aimed at worldwide distribution on various platforms including cinema, TV, DVD, VOD. Our team has over 10 years` experience in the production of top-rated youth TV-series and programs. KINODANZ intends to shoot 3-4 feature films per year.

Our own CG studio was created in 2015 and unites a team of professionals who have an experience working on big Russian and international projects. That allows working on several sophisticated projects at the same time, ensuring the stable top-quality. We also have our own marketing department that promotes KINODANZ projects via main informational channels using modern effective methods.

By now, the company has produced following feature films:
BEYOND THE EDGE (sci-fi, action, mystery). Release – March 1, 2018
PROJECT "GEMINI" (sci-fi). Release - 2nd half of 2018
ABIGAIL (adventure, fantasy). Release - 2nd half of 2018

The shooting of the following feature films are planned for 2018:
FORGOTTEN EXPERIMENT (sci-fi, thriller, adventure)
IDENTITY (sci-fi, action, detective)
GENESIS (sci-fi, action)

High-budget major project is in development.

Random movie: