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KINODANZ is a full-cycle film production company founded in 2012 by Victor Denisyuk and Evgeniy Melentyev. The company produces high-quality feature films, focusing primarily on the action and adventure, fantasy, and sci-fi genres. KINODANZ projects are fully aimed at international markets and filmed with the participation of A-class Hollywood actors – the first one was “BEYOND THE EDGE”, starring Antonio Banderas (release - 1 March, 2018).

By now, the company has 7 projects that are at different stages of production:

- ABIGAIL (fantasy, adventure) – post-production. Release – 11 April, 2019..

- PROJECT GEMINI (sci-fi, adventure) – post-production. Release – 22 August, 2019.

- FORGOTTEN EXPERIMENT (sci-fi, adventure, thriller) – pre-production. Shooting – Spring 2019.

- IDENTITY (sci-fi, action) – in development. Shooting – Summer 2019.

- GENESIS (sci-fi, action) – in development. Shooting – Autumn 2019.

- THE FORGOTTEN GODS (sci-fi, adventure) – in development. Shooting – Spring 2020.

including major project with production budget over $15M:

- UNDER THE BIG TOP (fantasy, adventure) – in development. Shooting - 2020.

In 2015 KINODANZ set up a computer graphics studio and staffed it with a team of experts who have experience of working on major international projects. The studio’s capacity enables us to handle several extremely complex projects simultaneously while maintaining a consistently high standard of quality. KINODANZ is currently creating the global CG/VFX production platform, encompassing several studios in Russia, Europe and China. The company is aimed at becoming one of the leaders on the worldwide computer graphics and visual effects market. 
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