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Genre thriller / sci-fi / adventure
Directed by Alexander Boguslavskiy
Written by: Alexey Slushev
Produced by: Evgeniy Melentyev , Victor Denisyuk
Cinematography: Yuriy Nikogosov
Painted by: Vladislav Ogay
A group of heroes, assembled by the eccentric billionaire, goes into closed Perimeter full of abnormal activity which is inexplicable in terms of science. Despite the fact that the group is fully equipped with the latest technology-mobile laboratory, exoskeletons, drones...it all can turn out to be useless. The Perimeter behaves very unpredictably as it is a living being. Heroes are fully dedicated to reveal a mystery of this place and to find the source of unquanted matter - the energy of future whish is extracted from...time itself. A lot of dangers and anomalies lie ahead of an expedition. This journey will change all members of the group, and completely reverse their notion of reality. Each hero will find an answer to the question of who he really is.
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