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Genre thriller / sci-fi / adventure
Directed by Alexander Boguslavskiy
Written by: Alexey Slushev
Produced by: Evgeniy Melentyev , Victor Denisyuk
Cinematography: Yuriy Nikogosov
Painted by: Vladislav Ogay
An eccentric inventor and scientist ETHAN BLAKE and a team of researchers go to a deserted island to find Ethan's latest project — a futuristic drone that crashed thereafter the test launch. The zone is full of mysterious anomalies and several decades ago a secret experiment had taken place on the island.
Ethan meets TINA, one of the researchers of the ТАU project. She is in danger, he wants to help but soon discovers that Tina is from the past and she disappeared many years ago. After that, Ethan witnesses the dark future where there is a global war. Ethan guesses that the past, present and future events on the island are connected and in order to prevent the future catastrophe he has to find the truth about the ТАU project and Tina's mysterious disappearance.
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