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Genre fantasy / adventure
The main character is a young businessman, the CEO of a big corporation, buys a ticket for a tourist space trip. During the trip back to Earth, the space shuttle with a VIP guest on board crashes near a remote settlement. The main character survives and the locals take him. He tries to escape the settlement but all in vain. He discovers that it is surrounded by an impenetrable forest inhabited by mysterious monsters. The locals fight the monsters from the forest and the anomalies defying the laws of physics.

The main character starts going crazy because of the strange events. He wants to know what is happening with him, starts an investigation and finds out that he is a victim of a great conspiracy. The forest monsters and the anomalies are just ingeniously constructed machines and the settlers are not living people but "synthetic" robots, every one of which plays a role in this creepy show. The main character finds an ally in a girl who works as a mechanic. She helps him escape, solve the riddle and find out who is trying to make him lose his mind and why.
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