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Country Russia
Genre sci-fi / adventure / action
Duration90 min
TaglineDance or die!
Directed by Andrey Volgin
Written by: Andrey Zolotarev
Produced by: Evgeniy Melentyev , Victor Denisyuk
Cinematography: Vyacheslav Lisnevskiy
Music by: Alexandr Kryukov
Painted by: Margarita Ablaeva
Starring: Ivan Zhvakin , Lukeria Iliyashenko , Agnija Ditkovskyte , Denis Shvedov , Nikita Volkov , Aleksandr Tyutin , Ola Careu , Viktor Khorkin , etc.

2070s. The nuclear war destroyed the entire civilization. Due to the environmental disaster the core of the Earth now releases previously unknown theta particles that burn through everything that is alive. The city is an incomprehensible symbiosis of ancient sacrificial rituals and the remains of the latest technologies.

To protect themselves from releases of theta particles and help the city survive, people produce a special type of energy by using a hi-tech mechanism called the ARENA. The arena located in an isolated bunker is the stage for a grueling dance battle where young main characters compete. The arena mechanism creates a force field extracting the energy from the loser. The energy producing process is meant to look like a sacred show similar to sacral ancient ritual dances. Dancing helps to slow down the energy loss, thus a person can hold on for a longer period of time. The contender who is losing the energy faster breaks down into ashes in a whirl of particles circling around the arena as it consumes the energy. The winner survives and participates in subsequent battles. There can only be one winner who becomes one of the elite living in the bunker.

The survivors’ city offers a striking contrast of two spaces: poverty-stricken dirty streets where there is chaos everywhere and the futuristic bunker for the elite with its high technologies, rules and a clear-cut hierarchy.

The main character – a guy from the streets named Kostya – gets arrested during a police raid and becomes a contender. He is brought to the isolated bunker where he meets other contenders. He falls for Anya (a contender who volunteered to participate in the battle).What Kostya does not know is that the girl he fell for is the daughter of Administrator (who is also the City Executive). Not everyone is happy with the way Administrator is ruling the city, so the city elite is making up a plot to conduct a revolution.

The story will keep you on the edge of your seat as the main character survives deadly battles on the arena and gets caught in a spider web of power game lies. But now not only does he have to survive but also he has to find a way to save the girl he loves who is in a deadly danger…

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