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Genre sci-fi / adventure
Directed by Alexander Boguslavskiy
Written by: Alexey Slushev
Produced by: Evgeniy Melentyev , Victor Denisyuk
Cinematography: Yuriy Nikogosov
Painted by: Vladislav Ogay
The end of the XIX century. Ten-year-old Elijah Shuffle with his friend Maya finds a strange device and, by chance using it, they move to a parallel world. The technologies there are much more developed and based on principles of electromagnetism. Children are chased - and Elijah, unwillingly, returns into our world when breaking the teleportation device while returning. Maya remains in another world. Twenty years later Elijah Shuffle becomes a great inventor whose ideas are ahead of time. He devotes all his time to the struggle of recreating the device to move to another world and bring Maya back. During his work, Elijah finds a trail of a secret organization that is preparing to abuse power in the real world using the cutting-edge technology from a different reality. Maya turns out to be connected with this organization.  The inventor enters into a struggle to protect his world from invasion and to say his loved one.
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