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The movie was shot in Russia and Kazakhstan for 2 months. It will be released in the 2nd half of 2017.

The story is set on Earth and in space.

The movie tells us about an ambitious attempt of the humanity to create Earth’s double in space. However, during the mission people discover a mysterious signal from outer space, which brings great danger to our own planet.  

The movie stars Egor Koreshkov (Without Limits, Now a Kiss!, Hipsters), Alena Konstantinova (New Year Trees 2), Katerina Shpitsa (Flight Crew, Metro), Nikita Volkov (Father Frost: Battle of Mages, Dancing Till Death) and Sergei Kempo (Flight Crew, Legend № 17).

Vyacheslav Lisnevsky, the movie’s director, earlier worked as the director of photography on such movies as Champions: Faster, Higher, Stronger, Dancing Till Death, Beyond the Fringe, etc. The script of The Gemini Project was written by Dmitry Zhigalov and Vyacheslav Lisnevsky based on an original producer’s idea. The cameraman was Sergei Dyshuk (Kitchen in Paris, Kitchen TV series).  

Vyacheslav Lisnevsky revealed the idea of the movie:
“We tried to show our own variant of development of the humanity, to guess what would happen to our civilization if the now existing problems of overpopulation,    environmental problems and threats of terrorism significantly intensified. There is the world of the common people and there is the world of the government, full of secrecy and secret projects, and in this respect our story has pretty much in common with the current situation in the world.”

The movie was shot in Moscow at specially selected locations: a recently built business center Comcity, in the territory of Moscow-City, near Aquamarin complex at Ozerkovskaya embankment. All these objects look pretty futuristic and reflect visual image of a future city in the movie, which will be further enhanced by computer graphics.

Sceneries of another planet to where, according to the story, a team of astronauts was sent, were shot at Charynsky canyon in Kazakhstan.

At the studio large-scale stage scenery of a secret laboratory and a space ship’s interior was made, designed by the art director of the movie Vladislav Ogay (Champions: Faster, Higher, Stronger, Father Frost: Battle of Mages). Artists Veronika Bodyanskaya and Anastasia Batalova designed unique costumes for the movie, including space suits for the astronauts, as well as futuristic gadgets, smart phones and weapons.

The exterior of spaceship and scenes of flight and landing on the other planet will be completely computer-rendered. Visual effects in the movie will be produced by KINODANZ’s own computer graphics studio .

Vladislav Ogay shared his impressions from his working on the movie:
“All is completely different here. I have never seen such projects in Russia: serious sci-fi about future and space. It was a very bold move and we approached creation of the vision and the atmosphere of the movie appropriately: we tried to apply interesting visual solutions to every object and every detail, making the entire movie according to a unified stylistic concept.”

The Gemini Project is the second full length movie of KONODANZ.

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