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The story will tell about space mission looking for another civilization. At the moment the company is working on the script and concept-art.

Director of the picture - Vyacheslav Lisnevskiy, scriptwriter - famous sci-fi writer Sergey Volkov. Shooting starts in July of 2016.

Humankind launches «Project «GEMINI» (“twins”) – a device capable of replicating livable conditions for earthlings on other planets: an atmosphere, biosphere, etc. The device derives its names from the two units it is made up of: one travels into space, locates suitable planets and creates on them the atmosphere and environment for humans, while the second one remains on Earth and monitors the activities of the first. Despite being separate, the two units operate as a single system. Each unit is inextricably linked with the other, as two halves of a whole (in keeping with the principle of “twinhood,” taken to a new level). The devices are powered up. Unit 1 is sent into space. Unit 2 starts to receive information. However, sometime after, communication with Unit 1 is lost – it vanishes without a trace.

A while later, astrophysicists pick up a mysterious signal coming from outer space. It is coming from a remote planet, not yet visited by people. The signal is encrypted, but it is clearly of an artificial origin (and refers to the DNA of various terrestrial creatures).

An expedition sets out to visit this planet to find and inspect the source of the signal...

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