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KINODANZ together with American partners announces the start of the development of the international media platform Entertainment Crypto Universe (ECU) that will function on the basis of blockchain technologies.

The platform is a complex solution for the media industry:
  •  it will be possible to conduct ICO media projects (films, music, computer games, advertising, gambling, etc.) on the platform;
  •  the development team will provide the ICO "turn-key" service;
  •  the platform will simplify the running of media business:
  •  reduction of administrative, financial and legal costs due to the avoidance of traditionalmodels of financing;
  • cost reduction for marketing projects;
  • unification of producers and investors from around the world;
  •  ability to make deals with partners and contractors directly;
  • entertainment exchange - a unified base of people working in the media industry(actors, script writers, etc.);
  • a decentralized databank;
  • tools for working with copyright;
  • virtual cinema of the new generation;
  • the possibility of buying personal tokens of Hollywood actors, the acquisition of which will help to achieve a dream «to be a part of Hollywood».
All this will become real due to the first specialized entertainment token in the crypto space - ECU.

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