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   «Abigail» is the 3-th film of KINODANZ company. Previously, KINODANZ already made space fiction «Project «GEMINI» and adventure fantasy «Beyond the Edge», where the Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas played one of the key characters. The famous Hollywood actor is supposed to star in «Abigail», too, but his name has not been disclosed yet. KINODANZ projects will release in 2017.

   The characters in «Abigail» are played by Tinatin Dalakishvili, Rinal Muhametov, Artyom Tkachenko, Ravshana Kurkova, Kseniya Kutepova and Gleb Bochkov, for whom this role will be the debut on the big screen. Olivier Sioux, Sesil Plege, Nikita Dyuvbanov and Nikita Tarasov will also participate in the project.

   The film director is Alexander Boguslavskiy. He is also the co-author of the script, written by Dmitry Zhigalov (with the participation of Alexei Sluschev, Ilya Ipatov and Alexandra Primachenko).
The operator of the film - Eduard Moshkovich, creative art director - Vladislav Ogay. Costume director is Tatiana Patrakhaltseva - two-time winner of the «Golden Eagle» for the artist's work in the films «Stalingrad» and «Duelist». The makeup artist is Tatyana Vavilova («Viking»).

   Shootings will take place in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and in the historical part of Tallinn. The visual image of the fantasy city will be created on the basis of ancient buildings and narrow streets of Tallinn and St. Petersburg, and finalized with the help of computer graphics.

   Filmmakers of «Abigail» have developed an original conception of magic and a stylistics of closed fantastic city that combines steampunk and atmosphere of the early 20th century. There were created the unique images of the suits of city residents, rebels and their enemies - inspectors of the Security Division.

   A number of fantasy characters and objects in the film will be fully modeled with the help of computer graphics.

   Film release will take place in 2018, not only in Russia but also abroad. Hollywood company AMBI Distribution will be responsible for international sales.

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