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«Beyond the Edge» is an adventure story full of mysticism, love issues and even thriller.

At five thirty in the morning on May 19 the production of «Beyond the Edge» was officially over. Director Alexander Boguslavsky (The Day After) took the branded clapper as a souvenir only to start the long process of editing and post-production of the movie.

«Beyond the Edge» is an adventure story full of mysticism, love issues and even thriller. Michael (Milos Bikovic) is a talented gambler who can only count on himself. He pulls out a bold, smart scheme at a luxury European casino. But he finds himself up against a rival who possesses mystic powers at a gambling table. Michael loses everything and ends up owing an enormous amount of money to some big shots. So he comes up with an idea to gather a team of experts with supernatural abilities to pull off the biggest deal of his life.

The team consists of rich kid Eric (Aristarkh Venes) who has a slight power of telekinesis; former taxi driver Tony (Evgeniy Stychkin) who controls the electrics and autist Kevin (Yuri Chursin) who can hypnotize people for a short period of time. Now Michael faces a challenge: how can control the entire team at the casino? He finds Veronika (Lyubov Aksenova) who inherited the gift of telepathy (she can hear and transmit thoughts from a distance).

What Michael does not realize is that there is a whole new world behind the superpowers of his friends. As the mysterious scheme unfolds, Michael finds himself in a deadlock putting in danger himself and his team that he has grown to love. The main character will find out that the way out is outside this world.

«Beyond the Edge» is a unique Russian movie project because it is mainly produced for international distribution. The movie was shot in English. The first teaser was presented to the film market at the Cannes Festival where it stimulated much interest and attention from various international distributors. Soon the teaser will be presented to the Russian audience.

The script was written by Mikhail Zubko (formerly, the creative producer and script writer for Bazelevs). The camera work was done by Vyacheslav Lisnevsky.

«Beyond the Edge» was shot both in Russia and abroad: the movie features picturesque places of Georgia, a casino at the gambling zone Azov-City, the coast of the Black Sea and other unique places.

In addition to an adventure story that will have you on the edge of your seat, «Beyond the Edge» will have an unusual fantasy setting. It will bring to life a whole new mystical world with its own design and rules. Production designer Margarita Ablaeva (Hardcore) created a unique visual style for the movie. The style and outfits of characters – everything from daily clothes to evening suits and gowns – were designed by costume designer Anna Chistova (Dukhless, Dukhless 2 and Pro Lyubov) and makeup artists Maria Tutukina, Elizaveta Tulyakova and Mikhail Vigdorov. When it comes to makeup and outfits, viewers are in for a big surprise: the characters will change their appearance beyond recognition many times as the story unfolds.

First of all, the movie is a story of unique characters portrayed by great actors and actresses. ‘The cast is one of our wins’, director Alexander Boguslavsky says. ‘All actors and actresses did a great job, and each of them matches their character perfectly. They are all different but when they are interacting, they are a lot of fun to watch.’

Serbian actor Milos Bikovic (Dukhless 2, Bez Granits and Solnechniy Udar) who played gambler Michael says: ‘Michael is not a good person: to the contrary, he uses people to his advantage. Gambling is his drug, his dark side. But as the story develops, he changes. He learns to understand himself and manages to overcome his ‘dark side’. My goal as an actor is to portray this psychological turning point.’

Telepath Nika is played by Lyubov Aksenova (Rasskazy, Rodina). According to the director, even though she is the only main female character of the movie, ‘we don’t need any more’. ‘Lyuba does it all’, Boguslavsky adds. ‘The beauty, the talent, the love story. I am sure, no one will wonder why she was chosen as the main female character.’

‘She seems to keep to herself but she is beautiful inside and out’, Lyubov Aksenova says about her character. ‘She stays away from people but she is full of strong emotions, fragile and sensitive.’

Other supernatural team members are played by Evgeniy Stychkin (Izmeny, Fartsa series), Yuri Chursin (Izobrazhaya Zhertvu, Molodaya Gvardiya series) and Aristarkh Venes (Pyatnitsa, Zakon Kamennykh Dzhungley series). As Evgeniy Stychkin put it: ‘Unlike Hollywood stories where characters mostly try to save the world, our characters try to save their friend’.

‘I root for this project’, Milos Bikovic says. ‘It is created by a team of young people full of spirit and enthusiasm. I am truly inspired by their positivity.’

Currently the movie is going through the post-production stage. At this stage the movie will be edited, scored, special effects will be added for most scenes (especially, scenes that occur beyond the reality). KINODANZ established its own computer graphics studio with the best experts from all over the world.

The supernatural aspects of life portrayed in the movie had a surprising effect on the process of shooting. Some magical things happened during the shooting of the movie, and they were included in the movie so that the audience can see them on the big screen.

«Beyond the Edge» will hit theaters in 2017.

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